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firefox issues - "play now" button

Sansorgne Eliot
 Sansorgne Eliot
(@Sansorgne Eliot)


I am currently organizing a local youth tournament. Thanks to this interesting tool what is Tornelo.

I would like to report an error that took me a while to understand. I have no problem with the creation of the tournament or with the pairing. however when starting the round, under the message "white VS Balck on board 1" the "play now" button never show up.

I have tried many hypotheses to fix to this. Like a Over the board configuration or a limited account.

It appears that creating the tournament under firefox is the problem. For the same steps, under chrome, it works well.

After the creation steps, the player's connection and the gaming work without any problem under chrome or firefox.

This little bug is very disconcerting. Maybe it's new, due to the recent change in the lobby interface.

For the next I will use chrome, as recommended in the user manual.

Thank you and keep going good work

Eliot from France

computer configuration: Linux Ubuntu - Xubuntu 20.4

Bowser: Mozilla firefox 86.0 for ubuntu and Chromium 88.0 (ungoogled-chromium)

Topic starter Posted : 27/02/2021 4:57 pm

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