Over 200 prizes up for grabs!

  • Cash prizes in Open, age and rating prizes in all events
  • Take-me Chess Variant event
  • Thematic and Handicap tournaments
  • Blitz teams and Marathon events

2020/2021 Cancellation:

Unfortunately, due to repeated communication issues we could not attract sufficient advance entries to this series of events. With less than a week to go, it seemed unlikely we could provide the sort of high-energy experience imagined when creating this festival. As such, we’ve cancelled the 20/21 event and will get it right in 21/22!

Happy holidays to all.

20/21 Timetable of events – all events postponed to 21/22

Cash Prizes based on number of entries in Tornelo Open

Timezones at a Glance

Features coming soon … with thanks to the players in this Festival.

Features for Players
  • Dark mode
  • Select different pieces
  • More color choices
Features for Arbiters
  • Fully custom tie-breaks
  • Team pairings
  • In-built video conferencing
Features for Organisers
  • Team entry and management
  • More ways to collect entry fees
  • Improved Fair Play reporting