Both the FIDE World Youth & Cadets and the FIDE Olympiad for players with disabilities are being hosted on Tornelo.

To support players around the world to become familiar with the platform, we are running free Daily Practice events from November 10 – 27.

Daily event format

  • 5 rounds
  • 4min + 2s
  • Open to all players, of all ages, from all Federations
  • Finished in an hour


  1. Go to
  2. Select any event that suits you
  3. Click Enter Event Now
  4. Create your account and add a player (or just enter if you already have an account)
  5. Submit your entry

On the day

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to “check in”
  • Click the green Open Zoom room button
  • Join Zoom meeting to communicate with the arbiter
  • Check in: Tick the box in the message bar

Fair Play

You should practice with your screen-share and camera settings in the same way you would in the “real” event.

Schedule (each event lasts 1 hour)

Practice #25Dubai (UAE)Thu, 26 Nov, 17:00Thu, 26 Nov, 13:00
Practice #26Chennai (IND)Fri, 27 Nov, 18:00Fri, 27 Nov, 12:30