All our features are free.

Tornelo charges no fees to organisers, arbiters or players for fair use of the platform. Organisers will be charged a small transaction fee when running an event and collecting payments online.

We welcome all events and organisers, large and small, onto this platform.

Covid-19 Pricing is only 2.75%* for all events

*Each organiser will also pay Stripe a transaction fee which varies country to country. Post-Covid fees (shown below) will be inclusive of Stripe transaction fees.

On-site Events
5%transaction fee
  • All features are free, transaction fee applies only when collecting payments online
  • - Receive entries online
  • - Collect player contact details
  • - Fully featured pairing program
  • - Privacy features
  • - Import / export TRF, PGN and CSV
Major Events
30% - 70%bespoke service available
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Experienced Platform Arbiter
  • Administrative and technical support
  • Collaborate with other organisers
  • Up to 3000+ player events
  • Arbiter training
  • Premium support for players
  • Fair Play analysis

Free Customer Support for ALL users!

Tornelo is always FREE for players and spectators
(with no annoying ads)