More control over your
online or hybrid events.

New to Tornelo?

US Chess endorses the Tornelo Fair Play methodology to deter and detect possible cheating in online rated chess! It approves the use of this capability by tournament directors and organizers for online rating by US Chess.

We are proud to be the Official Tournament Management Platform of the European Chess Union – the peak body for 54 countries in Europe.

Intro to Tornelo

5 Minute Overview

Guide for players

Platform of choice for high-stakes Online or Hybrid events

Online Olympiad for disabled players
European Online Youth Chess
European Online Corporate Chess
Balkan Youth Championships

World Youth & Cadets
Intercontinental Teams
FISU World University Championship
And many more…

Built for Organizers

We support organizers and arbiters to fully control each step through the Full Lifecycle of an event; planning to completion. We are an event management system and game server all-in-one.

A Web-Control Centre for online, hybrid and OTB chess events

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Simple and beautiful

Arbiters and Organizers can maintain full control over all your events!

Can your Mega-Portal Tournament Do this?

Pairings Give you Control Over
your Online Chess Tournaments!

Can your Mega-Portal Tournament Do this?

Call The
Arbiter! Give you Control Over
your Online Chess Tournaments!

Can your Mega-Portal Tournament Do this?

Re- Pair After
a no-Show Give you Control Over
your Online Chess Tournaments!

Powerful Features

For Coaches

Strong privacy features
Online games
Multiple parents can manage a single player
One parent can manage multiple children
Live games
Team events
Easy integration with Video Conferencing platforms

For Arbiters

Online, hybrid or OTB events
Swiss or Round-robin
Share results
Live games
Public or private events
Multiple sections
Import/Export TRF files
Manage player FIDE ID’s
Import/Export PGN files
Easily share upcoming, in progress or completed events
Unlimited players and rounds
Anti-cheating “Fair Play” screening

For Organizations

Create events, appoint arbiters
Collect entry fees
Build your database by collecting email and phone
Create and view a series of events
Own Branding
Player profiles and ratings
Archive of events, results, games
Sophisticated privacy compliance
Reduce risk; official “Fair Play” conclusion report for individual players (on request)

For Players

Call Arbiter during online games
Live updates to ratings
Control who sees your name online
Arbiter can pause your clock to deal with issues and help
Customise your chessboard

For Spectators

All games broadcast live
All results and pairings broadcast
Choose to watch any game

Online, Hybrid or OTB

Tornelo was created on the cloud in 2008 as a web-based pairing program for over-the-board chess tournaments.

In early 2020 we added the capability for arbiters to run online events. This makes us the natural choice for running hybrid chess events!