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When a pairing program isn't enough

Tornelo is the only tool you need to manage every tournament, from start to finish.

Registration & Payments

Make it easy for players to enter your event and pay with 1-click. Or manage entries yourself.

Pairings & Matches

Run individual or team events as swiss, round-robin or your own system. Unlimited tie-breaks!

Online Games & Hybrid

Sign in and play from anywhere. Keep control over games from setup to checkmate and beyond.

Ratings & Player profiles

Ratings are updated instantly to allow players to track progress. Display 15+ rating profiles.

Coming soon!

Unique event organized by the ECU
European Cities & Towns Chess Championship
will take place on Tornelo!

The only platform to host Hybrid Arbiter led scheduled events.

Your success is our success

Tornelo has made organizing tournaments so easy and effective even my grandpa could do it. As a business owner I truly appreciate the positive value it's added for my company without any additional overhead.

- Jesse C.

Tornelo is the foundation of our Chess Power business. Effectively managing all our student registrations, payments and tournament games both onsite and online. We have used Tornelo for 250+ events a year for over 11 years.

- Paul M.

Tornelo is hands-down the best platform for chess tournaments. Others just don't offer the control and features you really need to run a great event - especially with thousands of players. And it’s only getting better.

- Michael J. P.

Maintain oversight

Bird’s eye view over every part of the tournament in real-time.

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Add players

Pair Rounds




Everything starts in the tournament Lobby. Player lists, pairings, standings even games and information for players all in one place.

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Bird’s eye view over everything in real-time. See who is connected, when they move and start clocks for the rest.

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Playing online with Tornelo is as close to an over the board experience as you can get. You will love our unique Call arbiter feature.

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Add Players

Choose the ratings database for your tournament and instantly add players. Or, bulk import from your own CSV file.

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Pair Rounds

Select FIDE mode for accuracy, publish pairings when ready. Players can be unpredictable, but with quick on-the-fly changes, you’ll remain in full control.

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Absolute flexibility of tournament settings will satisfy the rule makers of both official championships and fun training sessions.

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Happy player, happy tournament. Pick your favourite pieces and board style and well as other game play settings.

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