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Run Events on Tornelo

Run Events on Tornelo

New to Tornelo? Get off to a flying start, learn how to create an account, setup an event, collect entries and do pairings.

TRFx File Format

Documentation of the FIDE Data Exchange Format, Tournament Report File (TRF16).

Using FIDE Rating List

Player names according to FIDE.

How can I enter players into my Event?

Self-registration, adding players and CSV import.

Running a chess tournament online with Tornelo

How to run an online event

How to download TRF?

Upload or download FIDE Tournament report file.

e-Board integration

For Hybrid events or broadcasting Over-The-Board events.

Import PGN files

For importing pairings and games.

How to setup tie-breaks?

What tie-breaks are available and how to set them properly.

Making premoves during a game

How can I make a move and not use any time with Premove?

Understand the Event settings

Create an event and customise tournament settings.

How to connect a User and a Player?

Linking a USER (email address) to a PLAYER PROFILE (Name in an event).

Running a Teams Event

A guide for Organizers on how to set up a Teams Event.

How to Enter an Event

Step by step guide to self-registration

How do I prevent siblings from playing against each other?

Using forbidden tags to influence the pairings

Verify your Organization

Get access to all Tornelo features.

Privacy options for events

Learn all about the levels of privacy for Events and Players.

How to import CSV?

Upload all the players into Tornelo.

Broadcasting live games using PGN files

Integration with external sites.

Adding players with FIDE ID

Using FIDE names, ratings and data.

What pairing options can I use?

Swiss, Round Robin, Team battle and what else is there.

Understanding Roles

Learn what each user role can do in Tornelo.

Keeping the same URL for a new event

Managing the URLs for your tournaments.

Restarting games that have ended

How to re-create a game that ended

What is an Organization?

For clubs, schools, associations, federations, arbiters or coaches to run a tournament.

How to print pairings?

A guide for Arbiters how to print pairings, standings and other lists.

Using Tokens to allow players to play a Live Event

What to do when a player is in the Lobby but unable to play?

Finishing an event

What do I do at the end of a tournament?

Delete an Event

How to Delete and tidy up unused tournaments.

Hybrid Chess and Electronic Boards

Playing with DGT-e-Boards on Tornelo.

Change or Edit pairings after a Round has been paired

Step by step guide on how to modify pairings after a round has been paired.

Running your first event

Getting started!

How to create an Organization

All Events must belong to an Organization.

Publish live results, games, and pairings

How to check live results and watch live games?

Creating a new account

Step by step instructions to create an account on Tornelo.

Pairing a Round robin Event

All-play-all Round robin tournaments.

Setting a custom Finish Date

How to submit for ratings on a date in the past.

All about Clocks

Arbiter's guide to handling clocks on Tornelo.

Enabling Annotations

Highlighting tools for streaming, coaching and broadcast.

Call to action button

Customise your Event Lobby

Introduction to Tornelo (Video)

The basics of how to register, play or spectate Events.

How do I Skip players from future rounds?

Skipping rounds and Check-in options for Players and Arbiters.

Running a chess variant tournament

Chess 960, Take-me chess, Anything Goes Chess.

How to Run a Private Event

Guide on how to organise an Event for selected players only.

Clone an Event

Copy all the Settings and Event data.

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