Coming soon: European Cities Championship on Tornelo!

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Trophies, half-point byes and improved features

July 5, 2022

Set up rules for your half-point byes requst, award trophies for players and enjoy other improved features.

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Limburg Open: an improved player experience

June 9, 2022

Limburg Open with 450 players chose Tornelo cloud-based management system and was able to start the 1st round in record time!

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Keeping the same URL for a new event

May 6, 2022

Managing the URLs for your tournaments.

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Tornelo is now Endorsed by FIDE

April 27, 2022

After 4+ months of rigorous testing by the World Chess Federation (FIDE), today Tornelo received official FIDE endorsement as a software pairing program / tournament manager.

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Printing pairings, lists and results

April 20, 2022

You can now print all your tournament data, nicely formatted by using our new Print button!

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New branding, new homepage and updates to FIDE mode

April 5, 2022

Updates this week to FIDE Mode restrict your ability to set custom scoring.

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TRFx File Format

April 3, 2022

Documentation of the FIDE Data Exchange Format, Tournament Report File (TRF16).

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e-Board integration

April 3, 2022

For Hybrid events or broadcasting Over-The-Board events.

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Embed anything from Tornelo on your own website

March 30, 2022

We released a little early this week because we were just too excited to make …

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Player disconnection notification

March 22, 2022

Warning players if they are disconnected, clock status.

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