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Our release this week is mostly bug fixes, performance updates and stability improvements. A couple of things worth taking notice of:
1. Terminology Change: Connect profile
A player wanting to connect their signed-in user account to a Player Profile already entered into the tournament used to click a button labled Arbiter token. This has been updated for clarity and now shows Connect profile.  The arbiter still creates an Arbiter token in the Lobby, but please be aware that the player will see a different name on their button.
2. External profiles: 7 options now available
Arbiters can add player to the pairing program directly from the following rating lists.
  • FIDE
  • Koninklijke Nederlandse Schaakbond
  • Royal Belgian Chess Federation
  • National Chess Federation of the Philippines
  • Chess South Africa
  • Šachový svaz České republiky
  • Federación Uruguaya de Ajedrez
Bug fixes Minor improvements to Importing PGN files to create players and pairings, Importing CSV files won't allow an organization to create duplicate players, Series improvements, Cloned tournaments can remove divsions before saving. WORKING ON
  • Glicko2 rating system
  • Promoting events to help organizers attract more entries
  • New pairing program inside the Lobby
As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback, feature requests or bug reports. Kind regards, DAVID CORDOVER Founder & CEO Release Notes 2021-08-19

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