FIDE Endorsement of a software Pairings Program

Today’s release is specially dedicated to the International Chess Federation (FIDE). We are excited to have lodged an application for Endorsement by FIDE under rules C.04.A Appendix: Endorsement of a software program. We’ll let you know when we know the outcome!

1. Feature: FIDE Mode (Organizations)

If you are planning to run FIDE Rated events with Tornelo, you should probably turn on FIDE Mode. This will strictly enforce a number of FIDE rules relating to pairings.
Create all your events in FIDE Mode by default, after updating your Organization setting.

Go to your organization page, click edit and check the box to say that you’ll be running FIDE Rated events.

2. Feature: FIDE Mode (Events)

If you have an event in progress and would like to turn FIDE Mode on, or if you want to turn it off for a particular event, this can be done from the event settings.

3. What does FIDE Mode actually do?
  • Start numbers for players cannot be changed after pairing Round 4
  • You cannot enter results 1-1 or 1-0.5
  • You will be warned when allocating a full-point manual Bye

We should have features in place which meet all of the requirements listed here. To be sure that we are compliant, we have to wait for the endorsement process to be completed.

4. Feature: TRF Import

You can now import a full tournament from a TRF file. You cannot use a TRF import to “update” an event, but you can import a TRF file and then continue the event in Tornelo from that point.

Eg. Your OTB event is suspended suddenly after Round 4 pairings have been published. Panic?!

No, don’t panic – just take the TRF file, upload it to Tornelo and update Round 4 to Live – tell all your players to sign-in and the event will continue without missing a beat! Pair Round 5 with Tornelo when ready.

5. Feature: Arranz tiebreak added

A simple tiebreak giving players who draw with Black an advantage to those who draw with White.

6. Update: Tiebreak modifier for unplayed games

We have added a modifier for Buchholz and Sonneborn-Berger tiebreaks. You can now count all unplayed games as a draw for tie-break purposes. This is a rule for USCF events and used by convention in FIDE events.

Personally, I don’t like adding complexity and making the tiebreak process less transparent for players. If you turn this on you may need to explain to someone that they missed out on a prize because the opponent of their opponent didn’t show up for a round. I know, right?


  • Preparing for our Arbiter of the Year awards
  • Awarding Trophies to players and a virtual Trophy Cabiner
  • Team pairings and managing team events

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback, feature requests or bug reports.
Kind regards,

Founder & CEO
Release Notes 2021-12-10

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Lorenginis Berti
Lorenginis Berti
2 years ago

Tornelo is getting better every day and will undoubtedly become the number 1 of the preferences of the referees and organizers more now that it will surely be validated by FIDE. Congratutations David and Jirina my dear friends and boss.

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