FIDE’s TRF file format

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FIDE update their TRF File format as the agreed Data Exchange format for tournament results in 2015. Previous TRF format is now known as TRF06 and the current format as TRF16.

This is the approved file format:

Of course not all pairing programs are entirely compliant with the standards described. But overall we support the standardisation of a file-format for transmission of tournament results.

We recommend using extensions to the TRF16 file format, known as TRFx (TRF extended). This was first described by International Arbiter Roberto Ricca for interactions with his JaVaFo pairing engine:

We have now specified further extensions (new codes) in order to support the import/export of other relevant tournament data. This provides a convenient and extensible format, while still remaining human readable, for the transfer of tournament data between platforms.

The basic premise is the addition of (one or many) DAT lines immediatly under the player which can provide additional information.

Please use the link button below to view the full specifications for importing infomation into Tornelo.


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