Understanding Roles

Learn what each user role can do in Tornelo.


This is the owner of a Organization – has full access to all events created by the organization.

  • Update the branding of the Organization and configuration
  • Submit events for rating, unrate events
  • Full access over all Organization events
  • Setup and manage payments
  • Owns players created in Events without a User account
  • Assign roles to other users for the Organization and its events


This user has delegated access to create rated events within an Organization.

  • Create new rated events
  • Assign event managers to new events
  • Submit events for Rating


These users are the event arbiters. They have full access to the event lobby.

  • Make pairings and run an event
  • Submit an event for ratings
  • Update entry details for players in the event

Users (Player owners)

These users may be the parents of a player, or a player themselves. The player owner has edit access, but still cannot view private information such as birthday.

It is possible for a public user to claim an existing player profile when entering an event. The owner of that profile must provide permission before the claim is validated.

  • Register in events
  • Play in online events
  • Update Player Profile
  • Spectate events and browse Community pages
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