Call arbiter online!

Dear Arbiters,

The release today is just for you!

1. Feature: Call Arbiter button
All players will now see a Call Arbiter button on their game.

The Tournament Lobby will display a list of players who have called for an arbiter.

Once an Arbiter visits the game page they can End arbiter call once the issue is resolved.

Players may also Cancel arbiter call if they are able to resolve the issue before the arbiter arrives.

2. Upgrade: PGN Export now includes move times
PGN Export now includes the Clock Times for all games (past games included).

3. Upgrade: Support for additional currencies
We now support all currencies through a Stripe integration.

4. Feature: Customisable Entry Field
Event Organisers have a single custom field to display to players during entry. You can now name that field eg. “Please enter your USCF ID”

Then Players will see exactly what to do.

Work in Progress
We’re currently working on:
– Analysis engine to provide basic Fair Play statistics for all games
– Refactoring data in preparation for merging all players into a single global rating system
– Improvements to organisations and for organisers

Have a good week,


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