You can’t do that… and are FANTASTIC on-demand chess platforms.

But, they just don’t offer the control or flexibility that an arbiter really needs to run a great chess tournament. These mega-platforms simply don’t allow many functions of an ordinary event and leave the Organiser and Arbtier with hours of extra admin work.

Tornelo is built for the Tournament Organiser. We give you full control, ultimate flexibility and help build YOUR community of players, not build up the or community.

  • A player lodges a legitimate complaint after the game, you change the result
  • You award a score of 1 – 0.5 instead of 1-0
  • Collect an entry fee, email address and phone number
  • Start a round when you are ready, not the platform
  • See that a player hasn’t got to the board. Decide to change the pairings for that round!
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Abhiram Vijay
Abhiram Vijay
2 years ago

I have a few queries
Is it possible to put 0-0 as a result?
Also is it possible to set a walkover time?

Kindly reply to the same…
Thank you????

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