1st Chess E-Hybrid League in the world!

A group of German pioneers made a history running the first ever hybrid league on e-boards! 6 strong German teams meet in their local venues every second Wednesday to play their opponents via Tornelo.

And they have everything! Excitement, top-notch equipment, commentators, TV coverage, star players (GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov – WOW!) and to handle it all – Tornelo certified Arbiter, Bernhard Riess.

First Chess Hybrid League on Electronic boards!
Hybrid Chess Legue

Following the success of the Hybrid Match between ECU Board and Berlin Chess Association a whole Hybrid League Millennium Hybrid Masters was started in Germany. In Hybrid event the players are gathered in local hubs, supervised by the arbiters, while playing with opponents from anywhere in the world through Tornelo – you can read more about it on our dedicated page here.

E-board Hybrid can be played with electronic boards. And one of the coolest boards you can use nowdays is the MILLENNIUM Board! The German players are using the very same one. Once you have the board you can easily connect it to Tornelo! Learn more about all the features here.

First in this millennium

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the organizers we can read about the tournament in regular reports on their website.

For everything that is brand new, there were some challenges. We all know, it wasn’t easy the first time we tried to tie our shoelaces, was it? However, in time it got easier and easier. It seems the same applies to tournament organization. Even if they had to start the first rounds a bit late, they got better each time. Now they are enjoying all the perks of the hybrid format!

Vegan ChessCat reflected on the traditional league format: “Drive three hours there, drive back three hours, waste a good amount of your lifetime while blowing a lot of CO2 into the air.” While “Playing digitally saves travel time, the hassle of commuting and, above all, getting up early on Sundays.” (translated from German). Isn’t that one of those win-win situations? Read more here.

E-board during the Chess Match

Another time they humorously commented, that they can finally enjoy a meal with garlic before a game! Simply because the opponent’s nose will not be harmed. Read more about the match here.

A sensation of the latest round was a cameo by Rustam Kasimdzhanov, the coach of Niedersächsischer Schachverband. To the surprise of the fans, he didn’t contribute with a full point! See the game below or read more here.

When will you start your hybrid league?

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