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How can I enter players into my Event?

Self-registration, adding players and CSV import.

There are 4 options how a player can get on a list of any Event:

  • Players Self-register
  • Arbiter selects players from the Tornelo database
  • Arbiter selects players from an external database (eg. FIDE rating list)
  • Arbiter Imports players via CSV


Recommended option, ensures smooth process. Guide for players here.

In Event settings under the Online entries tab select Accept entries on the Tornelo website.

Share the link with Players and let them Register to the Event.

You can even setup payments and collect Entry fees, see more here.

This way you get permission for the Data, you can collect email addresses and edit Personal data.

Adding players

Players can be added manually by the Arbiter in the Lobby.

1. Click on Start list of the appropriate Section in the left-hand side navigation bar

2. Click the button Add player

3. Type player’s name in the pop-up window

4. Click Add player at the bottom

If you cannot find the player, they either don’t have a Player profile on Tornelo or it’s a Private profile. If needed you can create a new Profile by clicking on “Create new player profile named” of your choosing.

If you are working in FIDE mode, then you may also use FIDE ID to add players, see more here (or national rating list and national ID).

Importing Players

Import all players in bulk via CSV. See the full guide here.

1. Create your CSV file with the correct headers and player’s info (make sure it’s UTF-8 format if you have any non-English characters). CSV Template available here.

2. Click Upload and Entries from CSV in the Lobby

3. Upload your file

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