Event Services

Your goal is to provide an outstanding experience for players.

We can support you, ensuring sure things run smoothly!
Expert advice, support and assistance.

Premium Support
€ 200one-day event
  • Pre-event planning meeting
  • Arbiter or technical meeting
  • Review of Event structure / settings
  • 1hr Live Technical Support (round 1)
  • Premium support for event duration
€ 1000or, from € 5 per player
  • 3 x meetings (planning or technical)
  • Training seminar for arbiters
  • Review of Event settings and players
  • Platform Arbiter during entire event
  • Fair play review

If none of these options works, please let us know what you need, what your budgets are and we’ll customise a Support package to ensure your event runs smoothly!

Fair Play Conclusion

We can provide Organisations with an official “Fair Play conclusion” report for individual players. Arbiters receive all information in the Fair Play report, and are encouraged to make their own decisions. Organisations can additionally request an interpretation for a specific player.

This will be our official opinion and we can provide it in writing. This helps arbiters by providing a second, independent opinion. This may also reduce your legal burden of liability on a decision, as well as give some assurance (or provide doubt) into the arbiter’s own decision.

Individual circumstances will dictate if there is a fee for this service. Please enquire on a case-by-case basis.