On Tornelo.

Tornelo charges no fees to Organisers, Arbiters or Players for fair use of the platform. We welcome all events and organisers, large and small, onto this platform.
Organisers will be charged a small transaction fee when running an event and collecting payments online.

Covid-19 Pricing is

only 2.75% for all events

*Each organiser will also pay Stripe a transaction fee which varies country to country.
Post-Covid fees (8%) will be inclusive of all transaction fees.

Event Service

Your goal is to provide an outstanding experience for players.

We can support you, ensuring sure things run smoothly!
Expert advice, support and assistance.

Arbiter Training

2-day comprehensive training with an official Tornelo Certification

Platform Arbiter

experienced arbiter to assist during the event and ensure smooth running

Private Server

dedicated Live Server and redundancy for the duration of your high-stakes event

If none of these options works, please let us know what you need, what your budgets are and we’ll customise a Support Package just for you.

Free Customer Support for ALL users!

Fair Play Service

A real-time Fair Play report is available in every event, providing arbiters data to guide decisions.
Organisations can request an official “Fair Play conclusion” report. This may reduce your legal burden of liability on a decision, as well as give some assurance (or cast doubt) on the arbiters’ decision.

Upload Games in PGN

assess games from any event or platform

Fair Play Conclusion

official, independent opinion,
provided in writing

Fair Play Panel member

supervision and decision making during your Event

Payment methods

Do you need to make a payment? Please use of the methods below and email remittance advice to [email protected]