How to Ensure Fair Play

during online chess tournaments

With IA Adam Raoof (Chess England), IA Jirina Prokopova (FIDE Arbiters Commission) and David Cordover (Founder

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104 organisers and arbiter from 47 countries

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A free 2-hour seminar to answer all your questions about Fair Play, cheating in chess and how to make sure your event doesn’t suffer.

  • Why do players cheat?
  • Why do we need to deal with this urgently?
  • What should be our collective goal?
  • What is considered ‘best practice’ ?
  • What is a Hybrid Tournament?
  • What are other events doing? Is it working?
  • How is chess cheating like street graffiti?
  • How did a 724 player, high-stakes online event achieve 100% Fair Play?
  • How to interpret the statistics on a Fair Play Screening report
  • What does the future hold?

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Saturday 17 October @ UTC 9:00
London        10am (BST)
Berlin            11am (CET)
Dubai            1pm (GST)
Chennai        2:30pm (IST)
Kuala Lumpur    5pm (MYT)
Sydney                 8pm (AEST)

Saturday 17 October @ UTC 22:00
San Francisco    3pm (PDT)
New York        6pm (EDT)
Rio de Janeiro    7pm (BRT)
Melbourne        9am (AEST)
Auckland        11am (Sunday)


Adam Raoof

Chess England

– Arbiter at World Championship Candidates, London 2013
– Captain of England Olympiad Team, Istanbul 2000
– Organised events in England, Scotland (Edinburgh) and Wales, as well as Italy and France
– International Arbiter

Adam is currently the editor of The Chess Circuit, a newsletter for chess enthusiasts, hosts a Podcast and is the only certified teacher of the Steps Method in the UK!

Adam has organised and managed dozens of online and hybrid events during pandemic lockdown.

Jirina Prokopova

FIDE Arbiters Commission

– First woman to gain a FIDE Arbiter title in the Czech Republic
– Youngest Category A International Arbiter in the world
– FIDE Arbiters Commission
– ECU Arbiters Council
– Chairman of the Czech Arbiters’ Commission
– Member of the Czech Chess Federation board

Jiřina has plenty of experience with all kinds of national and international tournaments, including European and World events, as well as the last two Olympiads and the Online Olympiad.

She is actively involved in educating arbiters and in 2019 became the youngest FIDE lecturer.

David Cordover


– Former Australian Junior Champion
– Former ACF Board member
– Founder of

David has extensive experience with organising and running scholastic, school, youth and junior events.

He has managed over 9000 tournaments in the past 25 years, ranging from school events, youth events through to FIDE Rated and IM norm round-robin events.

In 2008 he founded and has been deeply involved in anti-cheating research since April 2020 after running 300 player online youth event and experiencing the challenge first hand!